Resources for Supporting Our Asian American Community (3/35/21)

Recently, we witnessed a horrendous incident of hate in the Atlanta, GA area. This act of violence resulted in the death of eight people, six of whom were women were of Asian descent. We feel for community members experiencing hurt and pain, sense of uncertainty, or worry and fear caused by this hateful act.


The historical challenges confronted by Asian and Asian American community members is unfortunate and profound and has been exacerbated during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Discriminatory acts involving verbal and physical incidents have significantly increased over the past year. Many of the incidents are not reported and are almost nonexistent to mainline media outlets. This shooting contributes the already almost 3800 reported incidents received by the Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate ( organization.


Acts of violence based on race, ethnicity and/or gender go against affirming an inclusive and diverse community. Acts of violence must be denounced and acknowledged as oppositional to efforts that extend a sense of belonging and intrinsic value and worth of every human being. We offer the following resources and permission to educate ourselves and others on how positively contribute to the healing process and promoting dignity which affirms and values the collective.


Historical Context

The Chinese Exclusion Act: Trailer | American Experience (PBS)

  • Informs people of the challenge when a system seems to support beliefs and acts
  • Adds historical perspective that impacts today

Chinese Exclusion Act - 1882, Definition & Purpose (History)

  • Understanding laws in place 
  • Potentially helps others grasp the depths of sense of feeling “othered” 


COVID-19 Context

Asian Americans Face a Wave of Discrimination During the Pandemic (PBS)

  • Has classroom activities and lesson plans
  • Can match state standards and import to Google Classroom


Talking about Anti-Asian Hate Crimes and Racism

Analysis: How parents can support kids through (and beyond) the latest wave of anti-Asian American violence (CNN)

  • Facilitates parent’s ability to engage children and provide functional knowledge 
  • Supports parents dialogue with children and identifies opportunities to continue the conversation

ADL Resources on Challenging Anti-Asian Bias and Acting as an Ally (Anti-Defamation League)

  • Provides resources for schools, classrooms, and families for opening conversations around bias and injustice
  • Resources for engaging students in allyship with the AAPI community

#StopAsianHate: Resources for Teaching & Learning (Student Voice)

  • Student-sourced perspectives and resources
  • Incorporates mental health resources, learning, information, and community organizations