What is bulb?

bulb is a simple, beautiful, and powerful digital portfolio where students, educators, and professionals create, share, and showcase their work anywhere, anytime. bulb allows teachers and students to document the learning process. It encourages peer review, facilitates project-based learning, promotes collaboration, and fosters the development of healthy digital citizenship. Most importantly, bulb users own their content for life.

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The Partnership

Why have we partnered with bulb?


Put simply, bulb is a versatile tool for both students and teachers. See for yourself by browsing the "best of" collection of bulb digital portfolios for educators and students. 


Students can capture and showcase their learning story and monitor growth over time, across all academic disciplines. bulb digital portfolios are ideal for demonstrating learning process and outcomes for CTE, the arts, STEM, robotics, work-based learning, project-based learning, and more. They are also ideal for highlighting students' college and career readiness, as well as documenting extracurricular and work experiences.


Teachers can document their professional development, build lesson plans, give feedback on students' work and more.


bulb integrates with industry standard SISs and LMSs allowing students to safely share their work in the classroom, with parents, college admissions, and more.


bulb provides unlimited storage, is never deleted, and follows the student into their college and professional life.


For more information about bulb digital portfolios, please contact Kat Zimmermann at kzimmermann@dciu.org.