Connection Newsletter February 2021


February 3 , 2021 Board Meeting


Approval to enhance student learning and work experience and support future educators:

  • Approval of agreements with Non-Public Schools implementing the Non-Public School Safety Grant as approved by PDE.
  • Approval to contract with GlowTouch, LLC to purchase Stem Wizard software to aide in the registration and implementation of Governor’s STEM Competition, STEM Design Challenge, and Hackathon.
  • Approval to purchase 100 iPads with protective cases and five (5) charging carts from Apple for the Head Start program. Approval of an agreement with Radius by Anthology for a web-based student application program, funded through the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Grant.

Approval of other grants, contracts, appointments and services:

  • Approval to contract with Recreation Resource USA, under COSTARS-14 - Recreation contract, to install playground surfacing and equipment at the Marple Education Center.

Approval to support districts, communities and students' specific learning needs:

  • Approval of Affiliation Agreement with University of the Sciences for clinical training experiences in work-based settings for qualified Occupational and Physical Therapy students.
  • Approval to implement the 2020-2021 Governors Emergency Relief (GEER) Continuity of Education Grant for Connectivity and Technology and for Compensatory Education Services.


The next DCIU Board of Directors meeting will be held on March 3, 2021 at 6:45PM at DCIU Morton.