HB2052: Support Services for Children of Military Service Members



This legislation establishes a communication line between school districts and families with military service members who are activated or deployed. Should the family be willing to participate in this open communication, the school would provide the student with information on state and federal military support services.



Reese, Barbin, Barrar, Bernstine, V. Brown, Caltagirone, Charlton, D. Costa, Deasy, Dowling, Driscoll, Gillen, Godshall, Grove, A. Harris, Phillips-Hill, Hill-Evans, James, Jozwiak, Kinsey, Murt, O'Neill, Ortitay, Pashinski, Rapp, Readshaw, Rothman, Rozzi, Ryan, Saccone, Ward, Warner, Watson, Zimmerman and Bradford



October 17, 2018 Signed in the House

October 17, 2018 Signed in the Senate

October 18, 2018 Presented to the Governor

October 28, 2018 Last day for Governor's action