SB1090: Timothy Piazza Anti-Hazing Law


This bill amends the current anti-hazing law to provide stricter penalties for individuals involved in hazing, as well as establishes transparency and procedural guidelines for institutions to prevent hazing and enforce penalties.


Updated penalties include aggravated hazing as a felony of third degree, fines of up to $15,000 for each violation under organizational hazing, and expulsion and other academic penalties for students involved in individual or organizational hazing.

Institutions and their governing boards must implement written anti-hazing policy and provide such policy to organizations and students within the institution.



Corman, Gordner, Langerholc, Yaw, Mensch, Sabatina, Baker, Blake, Reschenthaler, Scavello, Killion, Martin, Rafferty, Bartolotta, Regan, Tomlinson, Schwank, Vogel, Yudichak, Brewster, Hughes, Folmer, Costa and Vulakovich



Approved by the Governor on October 19, 2018