SB780: Development of Telemedicine in Pennsylvania


Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare services through telecommunications. Through the use of technology, telemedicine would allow patients in rural areas to access doctors, healthcare information, and treatment locally without the burden of travelling long distances to hospitals and healthcare providers.

This legislation would establish which healthcare providers can offer telemedicine services, as well as guidance on insurance company reimbursement. Payments for these services will be established between the provider and insurer.



Vogel, Yaw, Bartolotta, Brewster, Martin, Aument, Killion, Costa, Vulakovich, Rafferty, Yudichak, Mensch, Baker, Argall, Langerholc, White, Ward, Stefano, Blake, Leach, Greenleaf, Browne, Street and Schwank



Removed from the table on September 25, 2018; See House Journal