HB2571: Ensure Public Employees are Aware of Janus Rights


This legislation intends to make employees aware of their Janus Rights by amending the Public School Employee Relations Act to include the following provisions:

  • Public employers must notify nonunion members, every payday, that it is voluntary to make a payment to the union
  • Public employers must notify job applicants that being a member of the representative union is not a condition of employment
  • Public employers are prohibited from making payroll deductions from nonmembers wages to make voluntary payments to the union
  • Repeals Act 15 and Act 84 that requires “fair share fees” for nonmembers



Klunk, Bloom, Corr, Dush, Fee, Greiner, Grove, Phillips-Hill, James, Kauffman, Knowles, Mackenzie, Marisco, McGinnis, Metcalfe, B. Miller, Moul, Rothman, Ryan, Topper and Zimmerman



Removed from the table on October 9, 2018