SB1186: Child Protection Task Force County Notification



This is a reintroduction of SB32 of 2013, which would address the recommendations made by the Task Force on Child Protection established by Senate Resolution 250 of 2011. This legislation is one of several recommendations that were never voted on.


The bill would require school districts to notify the Child and Youth Agency when a child is enrolled in a home school program, cyber charter school, is truant, or fails to register for school upon attaining compulsory school age if and only if the child, another household child, household parent, or other household person has been the subject of a founded or indicated child-abuse report within the last 18 months.


If such a situation exists and such notification is given, the county agency would promptly perform a safety and risk assessment at the household.



Dinniman, Fontana, Rafferty, Brewster, Yudichak, and Browne



  • Referred to EDUCATION, May 31, 2018