SB1198: School Summative Scores and Online Accountability



This legislation would establish in statute the current Student Performance Profiles webpage, as a single location to access all accoutnability measures, in addition to publication on district websites. The page will inclde a new ESSA index, and will require all reported indexes to provide summative scores to stakeholders.


The current School Performance Profile (SPP) is designed to provide parents with performance measures for schools of residents, neighboring shcools, and schools across the state, and to inform the public of the academic performance measures of each district, school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter school, and charter school in Pennsylvania. The SPP contains information as to both academic performance and teacher effectiveness.


Pennsylvania’s ESSA plan will create another reporting system and an additional performance index. The ESSA plan’s new index with reqgard to federal accountability requirements – the “Future Ready PA Index” – will apparently not contain a summative score although the SPP will continue to require one.


The Future Ready PA Index reduces emphasis on standardized testing by edning the practice of labeling schools with a single number. Instead, it provides parents with a dashboard approach that presents significant and meaningful infromation about student opportunities, achievement, and success.


This bill would require all repored indexes (including the new ESSA Future Ready PA Index) to provide summative scores to stakeholdres. It would also establihed the current SPP webpage as a single location to access all acountability measures, in addition to publication on district websites.


Some believe that having a summative score is useful in terms of transparency and ease of understanding. Others believe this is counterintuitive to the steps the Future Ready Index took to reduce the heavy focus on test scores.



Eichelberger, Folmer, Rafferty, Aument, Scarnati, and Bartolotta



  • Referred to EDUCATION, June 8, 2018