DCTS Biomedical Technology and Laboratory Services Program

2 students in the DCTS Biomedical Technology and Laboratory Services Program


The Biomedical Technology and Laboratory Sciences program is in its first year at the Delaware County Technical High School, yet the enthusiasm from the instructors and students would have you believe this program had been an established part of the curriculum for years. With the building of the new Aston Campus, DCTS was able to facilitate the birth of this new program and its future looks bright.


Led by Instructor Marnie Black, the program currently has twenty students and hopes to grow in the upcoming 2019-20 school year. It offers students with a diverse set of interests the opportunity to explore the different career paths that Biomedical Technology has to offer. Students enrolled in BioMed are often interested in careers in medical fields, crime scene investigation, or biomedical engineering. The crime scene in the BioMed lab is the backdrop for their studies and allows the students to explore the many technical components involved in biomedical technology.


Not only are the students hard at work in their laboratories, they are also given the opportunity to visit sites relevant to their topic of study. On January 28, the biomedical technology classes toured Globus Medical and observed all aspects of medical product development. After the tour, they came back to school for an afternoon listening to Mr. Joseph Vogelgesang talk about being a medical investigator for Delaware County.


At Globus, students were able to see the product development, machining, device testing, cadaver lab, and product room displaying their implants and tools. The students received hands-on instruction using their surgical robot and got to see how the system is used in a surgical setting with the instruments to repair the spine. Mr. Vogelgesang introduced them to medical investigation, showing the students all of the tools he uses in the field. He described different scenarios and how to properly handle evidence and went through proper crime scene evaluation. It was a great day for all!


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