DCIU Quality Schools is now Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning



To more adequately and directly reflect the breadth and depth of its services, the DCIU Quality Schools department is now Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Learning. This change, effective February 11, 2016, provides a more precise overview of the wide range of programs and services of this department.
Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning offers a variety of services to schools, districts, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members. Specifically, those services include curriculum consultation and development; regular and special education and instructional technology consultation and professional development; online learning; continuing professional education courses; endorsement and certification programs; and the operation and coordination of student events, such as Reading Olympics, STEM Design Challenge and 24 Math Challenge. This department also operates the Teacher Resource Center, which is open to all Delaware County teachers, students, and parents to create learning aides and class room materials.
Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning provides customized professional learning opportunities for educators and offers consortium-based public/private agreements for high quality educational programs, products, and services. One of the department’s role is to serve as a liaison between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and DCIU’s member schools to communicate key initiatives and implementation of regulations and legislation. Another key role for this department is to communicate to PDE the impact PDE mandates and initiatives have on local education agencies and assist in providing recommendations for change. This places the department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning in the center of a connected network of education professionals and policy-makers as it strives to provide leadership in instructional initiatives, technology integration, and proactive human resource development.
For additional information, contact: Dr. Michael K. Webb, Director, mkwebb@dciu.org, 610-938-9000, ext. 2026.