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STEM Design Challenge

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Students in grades 4-8 are challenged to build an object with a certain theme with K'NEX building materials. At the challenge, they will present a narrative report, submit blueprints/cost sheets, and build their object within a certain time limit.

Teams compete for first, second, and third place awards, as well as six additional category awards. The top team from each category (Grades 4-5 and 6-8) will be invited to participate in the state competition in May 2020.


The 2020 Challenge

By conserving energy, we can reduce air and water pollution, lower our electric bill, and create a healthier planet. Your team's challenge is to create a way of conserving energy in the future. For example, transforming energy from one object to power another or creating a new type of energy to power a city. Create a model of your energy conservation idea out of K'Nex pieces. Be creative!


Additional Middle School Challenge

Teams competing in the grades 6-8 division will also be asked to present a budget of their project. They will need to inventory each K'NEX piece they use and list a price for each piece. They will need to present their inventory and an overall cost of their project.


Student Teams

Grade-band categories: Grades 4-5 and Grades 6-8

A team may have no more than 4 students.

Cost: $10 per team


Dates and Location

Date: February 21, 2020

Location: Delaware County Intermediate Unit

 200 Yale Avenue, Morton, PA 19070




Registration for the 2020 STEM Design Challenge is full. 


Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Challenge Success
  • Design
  • Presentation
  • Budget (grades 6-8)


Competition Logistics

Teams will have 2 hours to assemble their project at the competition. Teams may not bring pre-assembled components.

Along with their K'Nex components, each team should bring a journal and a blueprint to the competition. Teams in the Grades 6-8 competition should also bring and present an inventory list.


Resources and Additional Information


For more information

Please contact Jon Regino at