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Delaware County's Public Health Study Survey

 DE County Health Survey Art

Delaware County is seeking input about the public health needs of residents throughout the county. We are hoping you will help by:

  1. taking a survey to give your feedback on how the county delivers health services
  2. passing this information on to staff, colleagues, students and families, district and community partners, friends and family

Delaware County Council hired Johns Hopkins University's Bloomberg School of Public Health to evaluate the delivery of health and public health services in Delaware County and provide the County with recommendations on how to enhance and strengthen these services. The purpose of the study is to gain a better understanding of the public health needs of residents and identify any gaps in the delivery of services.


Only County residents over the age of 18 are invited to complete a 10-15-minute online survey on how the County is addressing residents’ public health needs. All survey responses are anonymous.


The survey is available now through January 31, 2020.


Complete the survey now

For assistance completing the survey, or to complete the survey in another language, residents can call 410-502-8952 or email


Attached are two flyers with information about the survey.