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Title II, Part A: Building Systems of Support for Excellent Teaching and Leading

DCIU receives Federal Title II funds to provide workshops and trainings for nonpublic school principals and teachers. Professional development activities for nonpublic schools are based on an annual needs assessment as well as ongoing consultation with principals.    

Federal Title II Funds

DCIU receives Title II-A funding from Delaware County school districts to support nonpublic school administrators and teachers through a variety of professional development services.  Title II-A funds can be used to support a variety of professional development services and reimbursement for individual and team professional growth.   

PD Through DCIU:  

DCIU supports the professional development needs of nonpublic administrators and staff through on-site training, coaching, and consultation. We have experts trained in multiple areas, including, but not limited to: Curriculum development, assessments, behavior, literacy, math, STEM, etc. We also offer monthly trainings for our non-public school educators at DCIU that your staff is welcome to register for and attend.

To request professional development services, please click on this Teaching & Learning Service Request Form.

Someone from the leadership team will be in touch with you shortly after to discuss it further.

Reimbursement Requests:

Pre-approval must be obtained for any requests for reimbursement. Professional development opportunities that can be considered eligible for reimbursement include:  

To submit for pre-approval or to provide reimbursement paperwork upon completion, please click on this Reimbursement Request Form

  • Teacher and/or principal participation in continuing professional education courses 
  • Attendance at regional, state, and/or national conferences as appropriate 
  • Participation in professional seminars or workshops 
  • Professional development provided to school staff by a third-party vendor.  


Nikki Borradaile
Supervisor of Professional Learning
610-938-9000 ext 2034  

Renn Johns
610-938-9000 ext 2137