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  • As the parent or guardian of a little one, you might sometimes worry whether your child is "on track" developmentally. While every child learns at his or her own pace, DCIU's Early Intervention experts are here to help your preschooler reach his or her full potential.
  • If you are concerned about your child's development and wonder if they might qualify for Early Intervention services, please fill out our online intake form.
  • If you still have more questions, feel free to take a look at some frequently asked questions below.

What Exactly is Early Intervention?

DCIU's Early Intervention gives supports eligible children ages three through five at no cost to families.

While all children grow and develop in unique ways, some children experience delays in development. Early intervention provides support services and resources for children that enhance daily opportunities for learning. These support services are sometimes provided at a DCIU Early Intervention location or at a family-chosen childcare location.

Should I Refer My Child to Early Intervention?

Seeing that your child is not reaching developmental milestones might be an indicator to reach out to Early Intervention. You might notice this through visits with your family physician, or you can get a general idea by looking at the growth brochure attached below. 

Sometimes it's difficult for doctors to catch every delay in their short visits with you, and you know your child best. If you are worried, the experts at Early Intervention are here to listen. The best thing you can do if your child has a delay is to get support as early as possible, so when it's time for elementary school, there are supports in place to help them be successful.

How Do I Refer My Child to Early Intervention?

If you have concerns about your child's development, please fill out our online intake form and a representative will reach out to you soon.

You can also e-mail us at