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DCIU Infrastructure Projects

Exciting New Construction Projects on the Horizon at DCIU

As DCIU continues to expand and innovate, we are thrilled to announce several new construction projects that promise to enhance our facilities and support our mission of delivering exceptional services and products. These projects represent a significant investment in our infrastructure and our commitment to providing a state-of-the-art environment for our employees, clients, and partners.

1. Folcroft Addition and Renovations


The DCIU Folcroft campus will undergo a comprehensive renovation including all new HVAC, elec

trical and plumbing systems.  A 35,000 sq/ft Early Childhood addition will be built to host both HeadStart and Early Interventions classes.  The Career and Technical school labs will be expanded to allow for increased capacity and growth of the programs located at the school.



2. Marple Addition and Renovations

The DCIU Marple campus will undergo minor renovations, including new HVAC systems throughout the existing building.  A 35,000 sq/ft Practical Nursing Program addition will be built to accommodate the existing program.  A new Early Intervention parent waiting room will be built to provide a child appropriate, comfortable waiting space while evaluations and testing take place. Additional site work is planned to ease parking concerns and improve traffic patterns on the site.