Hearing & Language Support Program

  • Hearing Support Student



    To provide a family centered program where children maximize his/her communication skills and potential for learning.

    Hearing Program

    The DCIU is a public education consortium of 15 school districts that has provided “state of the art” special education services to children/students with hearing loss. The program serves students from neighboring counties and New Jersey. The Hearing Department offers evaluation, remediation programs and support services for those with hearing loss from age of identification to 21 years old. It is recognized as one of the few auditory/oral programs in the country that has provided the continuum of services from birth through 21 for the past 50 years.

    Language Program

    Children with language disorders present a unique educational challenge. Many children referred to the DCIU Language Program have been unsuccessful with their current level of services or are struggling because of severe communication difficulties and the impact of these difficulties on academic achievement. The focus of the Language Program is to acquire the comprehension and oral language competence basic to the demands of social interaction and academic curriculum. Attention is devoted to the expansion and improvement of language/literacy skills across all academic areas. It is important to work with these children during their primary years while language is still being acquired and developed.


    Christy Hiergeist, Program Supervisor
    (610) 938-9000 ext. 2277  |  chiergeist@dciu.org