• The Pennington School 

    Diagnostic Program 

    Serves special education and regular education students referred to Pennington School by their home school districts due to emotional and/or behavioral needs that impede learning. Students may be placed in the diagnostic program for approximately eight weeks. A multi-disciplinary staff, including a special education teacher, school psychologist, social worker, behavioral specialist and/or mental health professional observes behaviors and develops interventions and a behavior support plan. The parent is also part of this team. Academic and social skills are assessed and an Evaluation Report is created. An IEP is developed with parents and school district representatives. Determination of necessary supplementary aids and services, and the locations of these supports are made at the conclusion of this process.

    Elementary and Middle School Age Programs

    A full-time special education program with on-site mental health services for elementary and middle school students with emotional and behavioral disorders is provided at Pennington School. Individualized programs emphasize academic skill development in language arts, math, social studies, and science. Counseling and instruction in social skills and problem solving teach children to deal constructively with interpersonal issues. 


    Nan Porter, Supervisor – 610-938-9350 | nporter@dciu.org
    Matthew White, Assistant Supervisor – 610-938-9350 | mwhite@dciu.org