• Mission

    The mission of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, a regional educational service agency, is to provide leadership in the development and delivery of quality, cost-effective programs and services to school communities.


    • We believe in our commitment to provide diverse and flexible educational programs and services within a safe environment by fostering the development of learning communities of integrity and excellence.
    • We pledge to promote forward-thinking, creativity, partnerships, and to encourage positive change.
    • We will seek to maintain our entrepreneurial spirit while developing meaningful goals that indicate the success of our mission.  


    DCIU empowers partnerships that Drive, Create, Inspire, and Understand excellence in education.

    • Drive strategic forward movement
    • Create dynamic innovative solutions
    • Inspire limitless possibilities
    • Understand challenges and aspirations 

    Strategic Goals 

    • Financial Stewardship  DCIU delivers exceptional bottom-line value to its districts to address the financial pressures they face. We watch district and partner budgets like we watch our own. Our budgeting and financial practices are based on program and service needs, accounting integrity, and transparency within and outside of DCIU.
    • Student-Centered Learning  DCIU provides student-centered learning for students of all ages. DCIU models seamless, student-centered educational experiences from birth through adulthood in its niche areas of alternative, career and technical, early childhood, ESL, and special education. It also provides research-based professional development activities, including continuous professional education and university-based coursework.
    • Market-Based Business Model  DCIU is attuned to the current and future needs of districts and other customers. It operates using an enterprise, market-driven business model to achieve purposeful social and educational outcomes. Through the creation of an Innovation Fund, DCIU innovates and grows responsibly, functioning as an educational engine for Delaware County. We recognize staff for providing quality services at competitive pricing.
    • Excellence in Service -- Everything we do is dedicated to exceeding expectations and building long-lasting, collaborative, and trusting relationships.