• Standards Transition and Readiness in Science

    A systems-driven, customized approach to support district readiness for the new Pennsylvania science standards


    STARS Vision for Teaching and Learning in Science

    All educators are well-prepared to implement culturally relevant, phenomenon-based, 3-dimensional learning. All students are empowered to make sense of the world around them and solve problems relevant to their lives so that they are prepared for 21st-century careers and to make their community and the world a better place.


    STARS Strategic Framework for Leading Science Standards Implementation

    Developed by science education experts and project staff, the framework is designed to provide a comprehensive vision of the leadership knowledge and the critical actions that need to be taken to plan for and implement the NGSS. It is intended to inform the work of all leaders at all levels of the system — from teacher leaders to district leaders to state education leaders — who are charged with supporting and implementing the NGSS.


    Year 1 - Building Leadership Knowledge

    Six foundational knowledge areas that leaders need to know and understand to lead NGSS implementation.

    • NGSS and the Innovations in NGSS
    • Equity and Access for All Learners
    • Instructional Materials, Curriculum, and Assessment
    • Professional Learning
    • Systems Change
    • Continuous Improvement


    Year 2 & 3 - Taking Critical Actions 

    Leadership knowledge areas directly inform and influence all of the critical actions below using a continuous improvement cycle.

    • Aligning Policies
    • Allocating Funding
    • Assessing the System
    • Building a Shared Vision
    • Designing and Implementing Professional Learning for Teachers and Leaders
    • Developing Communication Strategies
    • Engaging Families and Key Stakeholders
    • Focusing on Equity and Accessibility
    • Forming Implementation Teams
    • Selecting, Adopting, Developing, and Aligning Curriculum, Instructional Materials, and Assessments
    • Using Data and Research to Monitor and Improve


    Year 2 & 3 -  Impacting Teaching and Learning 

    Ongoing interaction and integration between Critical Actions and Impacting Teaching and Learning are critical to the continuous improvement process that is inherent in leading the implementation.

    • Standards
    • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    • Policies
    • Key Stakeholders
    • Funding
    • Professional Learning


    Year 4 - Sustaining Implementation

    Leaders are continuously assessing whether they have achieved effective implementation and what is needed next to ensure sustainable implementation.

    • People
    • Policies
    • Processes
    • Practices