DCIU Print Resources – COVID-19 Posters

  • As the COVID-19 situation stabilizes, and we begin planning our strategic approach to returning back to work and school, we want to do so safely, effectively and efficiently, while balancing our return to “normal” with continuing to keep all students and staff safe. DCIU remains committed to following the guidance of the commonwealth and the County as we work with our districts in safely reopening our schools.

    The guidance from the commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the CDC includes keeping staff, students, families and communities informed and reminded at all times about healthy hygiene practices and by promoting personal responsibility in reducing the spreading the disease. One way to continually communicate this important responsibility is by visual reminders. DCIU is a resource for these visual reminders.

    DCIU can print required signs that must be posted in highly visible locations, that promote everyday protective measures. Through DCIU’s print services, schools can order the recommended CDC posters/signs at a low cost.


  • Please note that the DCIU is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. If you are requesting posters from out of state, shipping costs may be as high as $40 per order. 

  • Formats and Pricing

    Posters are available in 3 sizes. Cover stock posters do not require lamination. Large Format posters include lamination.

    • 12x18 Cover Stock Poster 
      Black & White – $0.35  |  with lamination $1.69 
      Color – $0.63  |  with lamination $2.13
    • 17x24 Large Format Poster – $5.50
    • 22x30 Large Format Poster – $7.25

    Poster Requests

    If you don't see the message you need in the available poster designs, the Print Shop can create customized options. Posters may be ordered by calling the DCIU Print Shop at 610-938-9000 x2107 or by email at jrenzi@dciu.orgPlease allow 1 week for delivery.

    Available Poster Designs

    1. Cover Coughs & Sneezes – Educate children on how to stop the spread of germs.
    2. Germs Are All Around You – Stay healthy. Wash your hands.
    3. Handwashing Is Your Superpower – Fight off germs. Wash your hands.
    4. Stop the Spread of Germs – Preventive actions to help protect yourself and others.
    5. Slow the Spread. Practicing Physical Distancing. – Practice physical distancing for elementary school.
    6. Slow the Spread. Practicing Physical Distancing. – Practice physical distancing for middle and high schools.
    7. Stop the Spread of Germs – Practice physical distancing. Stay 6 feet from others.
    8. Social Distancing – Social Distancing means putting space between yourself and others.
    9. Wash Your Hands – Hands that look clean can still have germs. Learn the best way to keep your hands clean.
    10. Symptom Monitoring for COVID-19 - UPDATED! Steps to take before returning to work or school to monitor for COVID-19.