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    University Partners

    DCIU forms partnerships with regional universities to offer convenient, graduate-level and certification coursework online and at the Education Service Center in Morton. Specific program offerings vary from year to year.  Examples of past degree/certification programs offered include:
    • Accelerated bachelor's degree and certification program in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
    • M.S. Educational Leadership 
    • Principal Certification
    • Curriculum Supervisor Certification
    • Special Education Supervisor Certification
    • Letter of Endorsement in Autism
    • Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility
    • PDE Endorsement Programs
    For more information about programs offered through each of our partnerships, contact us at 610-938-9000, ext. 2026.

    Corporate Partners 

    CIPL offers consortium-based pricing agreements for a variety of high quality programs and services. We are always looking for new partners and programs that will benefit our member schools and districts, so our partner agreements are ever-expanding.  See our list below for some of our recent partnerships.  For more information, call Karen at 610-938-9000 ext. 2026.

    • Blendedschools
    • Canvas LMS (Instructure)
    • Discovery Education 
    • My Learning Plan/OASYS
    • Nearpod
    • NWEA 
    • PA Hybrid Learning Institute
    • Schoology
    • TeachScape
    • StormWind