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    The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning (CIPL) offers a variety of services to schools, districts, students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members.  We provide customized professional learning opportunities for educators and offer consortium-based public/private agreements for high quality educational programs, products, and services. One of our roles is to serve as a liaison between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and our member schools to communicate key initiatives and implementation of regulations and legislation. Another key role for this department is to communicate to PDE the impact mandates and initiatives have on local education agencies and assist in providing recommendations for change. Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning is at the center of a connected network of education professionals and policy-makers. In this capacity, we provide leadership in instructional initiatives, technology integration, and proactive human resource development. To explore the many services we can provide, follow the links below.
                                        Dr. Joyce Mundy, Director                                       Nikki Borradaile, Supervisor
                                        jmundy@dciu.org                                                      nborradaile@dciu.org
                                        610-938-9000, ext. 2130                                           610-938-9000 ext. 2130 

    Courses, Trainings, Workshops

    Our professional learning options take many forms. We offer face-to-face, blended, and online options for educators and administrators through whole group sessions, short or long-term coaching, and technical assistance sessions. Find out more about our Professional Learning Opportunities!

    Information and Contacts

    The Department of Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Learning's consulting staff boasts a wide range of expertise in curricular content areas, teaching students with special needs, strategic planning, and instructional initiatives among many other areas. Click here to meet our team and learn about their specialty areas.


    We seek out high impact partners to meet the needs of schools, districts, and education professionals. Our partners range from universities to corporations and non-profit organizations, all with a focus on offering in-demand services for the school entities we serve. To view our current partnership offerings, check out our partners page here.


    In our role as liaison between the Pennsylvania Department of Education and our member schools and districts, we serve as an information hub for state educational initiatives and specialized areas of practice. Visit our professional development pages to learn more about educational initiatives or content area resources.

    Student Events

    DCIU Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Learning sponsors, organizes, and facilitates student events for public and non-public schools in Delaware County. Events include Reading Olympics, STEM Design Challenge, 24 Game, and Young Authors' Project. Find out more about our student events here.

    Requesting Services from Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Learning

    Requesting services or information from us is easy. Simply email the contacts below with your request to start our conversation. If you'd prefer to speak with someone, use one of the numbers below.  Learn more about our provided services.
    Call Cyndy (cnapp@dciu.org) at 610-938-9000 ext. 2130 for: 
    • Professional learning – special education
    • Assistive technology
    • Project MAX
    • Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS) and RTII
    • Autism
    • Literacy 
    • Math
    • Positive behavior support
    • Least restrictive environment
    • Transition services
    • Non-public schools professional development (Title II)
    • Professional learning - regular education
    • Curriculum consultations
    • Instructional initiatives
    • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses
    • Consortium pricing agreements
    • Higher education opportunities
    • Standardized assessment questions
    • Online and blended learning options
    • Educational technology
    • Student events