Student Services

  • Welcome to DCIU Student Services!  This section will provide a general overview of the Student Services division. Detailed information about each of the services we provide can be found by navigating the buttons to the left of the page.


    • Student Services is responsible for the operation, coordination and program development of Special Education services. 
    • This division coordinates efforts with Delaware County school districts, private schools, charter schools, advocacy groups, the Right to Education Local Task Force and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 


    Assistant to the Executive Director - Student Services
    Vacant |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2284   email:
    Assistant Director for Student Services
    Natalie Hess  |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2285   email:
    Assistant Director for Student Services
    Kimberly Mecca, Ed.S.  |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2279   email:
    Administrative Assistants
    Esther McMenamin |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2284   email:
    Kim Dalo-McBride |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2285   email:
    Jamie-Lyn Caton  |  phone: 610-938-9000 ext. 2279   email: