Evaluation Systems for Staff


    Goals, Supervision and Evaluation Overview

    The Delaware County Intermediate Unit [DCIU] mission statment is clear about its primary focus. It is about creating leadership and providing leadership in the development and delivery of quality cost effective programs and services to our communities. DCIU has adopted three strategic goals, which are:

    1. Financial Stewardship: DCIU will demonstrate cost effectiveness.
    2. Student-Centered Learning: DCIU technical assistance and services will positively impact educators' practices that drive improved student learning.
    3. Market-Based Buisness model: All DCIU operational units will report high levels of internal and external customer satisfaction.

    DCIU is also committed to the beliets of: (a) providing diverse and flexible educational programs in a safe enviornment; (b) promoting foward thinking, creativity, partnerships, and encouragement of positive change; and (c) maintaining an entrprenerual spirit of developing meaningful goals athat indicates the success of our mission. 

    These primary beliefs and partcularly the third belief regarding meaningful goals that indicate the success of our mission is a key component in the development and implemenation of the DCIU supervision and evaluation plan for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit administration. The overriding purpose and focus of this plan is to:

    • Identify a variety of components essential in a comprehensive supervision and evaluation plan.
    • Indentify specific training and professional development opportunities essential to the success of the implementation of a plan; and 
    • Develop specific mechanisms to ensure the institionalization fo the model including annual reviews of the processes and procedures so it can be effectively implemented and utilized as aprt of the organizational thinking and planning. 

    It is recognized by the entire administration of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit that development of this plan is a top priority; and as such it will be given priority status in terms of planning, discussing, training, budgeting, and action planning.