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Guest Teacher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a day-to-day substitute emergency permit?

A Type 06 day-to-day substitute emergency permit is issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to qualify a person for service as a day-to-day substitute teacher. This permit can only be issued to individuals that hold a bachelor’s degree and can only be used in the school districts that are participating in the Delaware County Intermediate Unit Guest Teacher Consortium. 

How do I apply for an emergency permit to work in the Guest Teacher Consortium Districts?

You must provide the DCIU with your completed application. Once interviewed and accepted into the program, you must submit all other required documents. Upon completion of the mandatory trainings and required documents, the DCIU will apply to PDE to issue you an emergency permit.

What are the costs involved?

There is a $50 participation fee for all participants in the Guest Teacher program. Participants in the training program are also responsible for these other costs associated with the training program:
Where do I obtain the necessary clearances?

All clearance information can be found in the required documents link located on our website.

Does the emergency permit have any restrictions?

Yes, the following are restrictions:

How long will it take to get my permit after completing the training?

This is dependent upon the receipt of all required paperwork and successful completion of the TIMS application process. Once DCIU has all of the required information, it will be submitted to the Bureau of Teacher Certification and Preparation for review. PDE does not issue certificates directly to applicants. Upon receiving your certification approval from PDE, DCIU will contact you and notify districts that you would like to substitute within their district. We will forward your application packet to the districts you prefer to work for.

How will I be called to substitute? 

The method of contact varies by district. Some use live callers while others use 3rd party contractors to manage substitute services. Once the district approves you as a substitute, they will inform you of their process.  

How often will I be called to substitute? 

This is dependent upon your availability, preferences, and performance in the classroom.

What is the rate of pay as a Guest Teacher? 

The rate of pay varies by school district(s) in which you substitute. You will receive the rates of pay for participating districts at the training session. 

How will I be paid? 

Depending on how the district(s) handles substitute teachers, you will either be paid through the district directly or through the third party contractor whom they contract with for substitute teachers.

How much can I expect to be paid? 

The amount varies from district to district, and is usually between $70 - $110

In what areas can I substitute?

The emergency permit allows you to substitute in any subject area. 

What do I need to do to renew my emergency permit? 

You will need to log into TIMS in July to renew your permit.  The cost to renew the permit is $5 and can be paid by check or money order payable to the DCIU.  For directions on how to apply, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education website

Who does the DCIU partner with to provide substitutes?

The DCIU partners with ESS Staffing to provide substitutes.  To register with ESS, please visit their website at

  • Pennsylvania Criminal History Record Check (Act 34) 
  • Child Abuse Clearance Record Check (Act 151) 
  • FBI Background Check through PDE (Act 114) 
  • Physical examination, tuberculin skin tests, school health record form completion
  • Official transcripts from an accredited college/university where you obtained your bachelor’s degree
  • The permit is valid for one school year (expires July 31st each year) and must be renewed on an annual basis at the request of the DCIU Guest Teacher consortium.
  • The permit is valid for Guest Teacher Consortium districts only.
  • The permit classifies the Guest Teacher as a “day-to-day” substitute. Guest Teachers may not work as a full-time teacher in a long-term substitute teaching assignment.
  • Guest Teachers may not work more than 20 days per classroom teacher per school year (consecutive or cumulative).
  • The law stipulates that a school entity must first look to someone who is properly certified, second to someone certified but working outside of their certification, and third to Guest Teachers that are certified through this process.