Assistive Technology

  • Assistive technology (AT) supports students in the tasks they need to do, including (but not limited to) reading, writing, seeing, and communicating. Additionally, AT may take the form of services needed to support a team or individual student in the process of AT selection, acquisition, or implementation.

    AT services at DCIU include training and supporting district teams in the selection, acquisition, and use of assistive technology devices to provide students with disabilities the means to successfully access the general education curriculum and to meet their educational goals.

    DCIU also has an Assistive Technology Lending Library for district teams to borrow equipment for a trial period.

    DCIU Assistive Technology Flow Chart


    Areas Covered

    The main areas of AT covered by the team are: augmentative communication, writing tools, computer access, adapted switches, environmental controls, and access to technology for individuals with visual impairments.

    For assistance regarding hearing supports, such as use of FM systems, please contact our Hearing Department. Questions regarding vision supports, such as enlarging instructional materials, should be directed to the Vision Department.


    Specific Services

    • Facilitation of SETT process for individual students (this is NOT an evaluation)
    • Technical Assistance which includes support in the use of existing technology or additional information regarding new or existing assistive technology. SETT facilitation is not part of this process.
    • Team training regarding:
      • Software
      • Apps
      • Communication devices
      • Google extensions
    • Large group trainings on assistive technology topics


    How to Request a Consultation

    The signature of a district director is required for all assistive technology consultation requests. If you feel that a student would benefit from assistive technology and a consultation from DCIU, please contact your district Special Education Director to begin the consultation process. 


    For a blank AT Consultation Request form or to return signed requests, please email

DCIU Assistive Technology Lending Library

  • The DCIU Assistive Technology Lending Library provides LEAs with devices for trial purposes to determine the assistive technology needs of students with disabilities in the school environment only. School teams are encouraged to monitor use and collect data to determine the efficacy of the assistive technology. 

    School teams may request to borrow AT equipment through the AT Lending Library Request Form.


Assistive Technology Lending Library Catalog

Click on the button to see various devices in each category.

Voice-Output Communication Devices

  • Apple iPad – 32 GB, WiFi only; variety of apps for trialing
  • Apple iPod Touch with Proloquo2Go – dynamic display,handheld, synthesized/digitized speech, more for symbol–based communication
  • Attainment Talkers – low tech, 24 messages with 10 seconds per message location, slim and compact, digitized speech recording
  • Base Trainer – four 3"x4" switch plates & 2" Velcro platform for placing objects
  • BigMac switches (Able Net) – single message, large target, digitized speech

Dynavox Products

  • Indi with Snap + Core First – dynamic display, synthesized/digitized speech, built-in wireless capability
  • On the Go 7 Level Communicator – adjustable location of 1,2,4,8,16 location, digitized speech, multiple overlays
  • myTobii Eye Gaze System – electronic eye gaze system for communication and computer access; Compass + WordPower


  • 4 Choice Sequential Scanner for Visually Impaired with Mounting Arm
  • Go Talk (Attainment) – 4/9/20 message keys with 4 distinct levels
  • Go Talk Dynamic Tactile Talking Toolkit
  • Go Talk Pocket – 6 message keys with 5 levels
  • Go Talk Express – 32 message keys with 5 levels, auditory and visual cueing capabilities
  • Hook + Switch Interface - works only with Apple devices, allows user to connect external switches
  • Talk 2 – digitized speech, allows for two communication spaces
  • LittleMac switches (Able Net) – single message, large target, digitized speech
  • Lightwriter – "type and talk", DECtalk speech synthesizer, Keyboard Layout: QWERTY & ABC, need typing skills
  • Mount’n Mover Evaluation Kit – adjustable, universal mounting system for communication devices; includes mount plates for Maestro, Dynavox V, Vantage Lite, and AbleNet
  • Step by Step Communicator (AbleNet) single message or messages sequence, digitized speech
  • Switch Modifier
  • Wireless Switches for iPad - single hit option (red) or two switch hit option (yellow/red)
  • Zygo Wireless Voice Amplifier

Prentke Romich/Saltillo Products

  • Accent 800 – synthesized/digitized speech, dynamic display, Minspeak software
  • Accent 1000 – synthesized/digitized speech, dynamic display, Minspeak software
  • Accent 1200 – synthesized/digitized speech, dynamic display, Minspeak software
  • Accent 1400 – synthesized/digitized speech, dynamic display, Minspeak software USB
  • Accent Bluetooth Adapter - connects the Accent to a laptop or Chromebook
  • Nova Chat 5 (Saltillo) – dynamic display, handheld, synthesized/digitized speech; runs the TouchChat language software
  • Nova Chat 8 (Saltillo) – dynamic display, handheld, synthesized/digitized speech; runs the TouchChat language software
  • Nova Chat 10 (Saltillo) – dynamic display, handheld, synthesized/digitized speech; runs the TouchChat language software
  • ProxTalker – moveable picture communication system, uses synthesized speech but allows for digitized recordings
  • ProxPad - single location communication, gives a voice output and responds to touch or proximity frequency
  • Short Stacks Books –used to support teaching Unity language ("Do you like..." "I am..." "I feel..." "I need..." "I want... (fast food)" "Where...?")

AMDi Systems

  • Talk 4 – 12 level communicator, 4 location, digitized speech, scanning option
  • Talk 8 – 12 level communicator, 8 location, digitized speech, scanning option
  • Talkable III with Icon Holder – digitized speech, allows for joint communication and device activation simultaneously
  • Techspeak (AMDI) – 32 location, digitized speech,multiple overlays
  • TechTalk (AMDI) – 8 location, digitized speech,multiple overlays
  • TechScan 8 (AMDI) – 8 location, digitized speech, multiple overlays, LED prompt lights embedded in the grid, beeping tone available to augment visual cues
  • TechFour (AMDI) – 4 location, digitized speech, multiple overlays
  • Visually Impaired Communicator (medium) – 8 location, digitized speech, intensive background illumination
  • Wrist Talker – portable one message communicator, up to 10 seconds, digitized speech

Autmentative Communication Software Resources

  • 4 Compartment Scanning Communicator with Icon Holders
  • Boardmaker v.6 (Mayer Johnson) picture symbol clip art program
  • Boardmaker Plus v.6 (PC & Mac)
  • Boardmaker Studio v.1
  • Boardmaker library add-ons
  • Beyond Boardmaker I, II, & III
  • Curriculum Companions:
    • What's the Weather?
    • From Here to There
    • Community Faces and Places
    • Your Body Inside and Outside
    • Healthy Choices
      • Early Learning Suite
      • Dynasyms for Boardmaker (Dynavox) - symbol collection for Boardmaker
      • PCS Animations I & II
      • Picture This - photo collection for Boardmaker
      • Print 'n Communicate - ready-to-make communication book for Boardmaster
      • Print 'n Eat - ready-to-make communication book for Boardmaker
      • Print 'n Learn Community Units - pre-made Boardmaker resources
      • Print 'n Learn Thematic
      • Quick and Easy Classroom - pre-made ovrelays for nonverbal students for Boardmaker (Can be used with AAC devices that use overlays. Has a video tape of use.)
      • Reference Guides for Life (CD) - reference guides designed to increase independence in organization, personal safety, self-advocacy, stress management, problem solving, communication, and relationships in the community
      • Social School Stories - use with Boardmaker or Boardmaker Plus
  • Units - pre-made Boardmaker resources
  • DynaGuide - Dynavox training and user guide on CD
  • Flip & Talk - communication display books to attach to communication devices
  • PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display) - software to create communication books

AAC Resource Books

  • Art for Me Too - book of pre-made art communication displays
  • Communication Displays for Engineering Preschool Environments - pre-made display book
  • Communication Overlays for Engineering Training Environments - pre-made display book
  • UNITS - book of pre-made classroom communication displays
  • Visual Strategies by Linda Hodgdon (Book and CD Series available)
  • Who, What, & Why - book of pre-made communication displays and activities that address "wh" questions (CD also available)
  • Adjustable mounting system
  • Apple Magic TrackPad - Requires Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer with Mac OS X v.10.6.4 or later
  • ASL Mouse Emulator - To be used with electronics on a power wheelchair
  • BIG Trac - plug & play alternate mouse with oversized buttons, trackball
  • Big Bluetooth Keyboards (yellow keys or colored keys) - keyguards also available
  • Chromebooks
  • Choose It! Maker 2 software
  • Early and Advanced Switch Games
  • Ergonomic Optical Mouse - two way rocker button fits thumb, scrolling feature
  • FrogPad - one handed keyboard (right and left handed)
  • Gooseneck Mounting System with ball joint
  • iPad Cordless Switch Interface
  • Keyboards
    • BIG Bluetooth Keyboard
    • Big Keys LX - USB keyboard with QWERTY layout and enlarged buttons; yellow color-coded keys
    • XL Print black on yellow bluetooth keyboard
  • Kidz Keys - child-size keyboard
  • Kidz Mouse - child-size mouse
  • Micro Trac - handheld trackball, ideal for laptops
  • Swifty & Beam - adaptive switch interface the size of a flash drive & infrared switch transmitter that can accommodate up to 5 switches
  • Tash Joystick
  • Tracker Pro (head pointer)
  • Traxsys Roller II Joystick
  • TouchMonitor from ELO - works with PC & Mac
  • Vertical Mouse 4 (left & right)
  • Wireless USB Switch Interface
  • XL Print Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


  • Apple iPads - WiFi only; variety of apps for trialing
  • Apple iPad Pro - WiFi only; variety of apps for trialing
  • Apple iPod Touch - WiFi only; variety of apps for trialing

iPad Accessories

  • iPad adjustable stylus
  • iPad cordless switch interface
  • iPad adjustable cradle with universal mounting plate
  • iPad pointer
  • iPad table top suction mount
  • Bluetooth Switch & Hook switch interface
  • Wireless two plate switch
  • Apple Pen (works with iPad Pro only)
  • Mounts
    • Dual Locking Table Arm (iPad only)
    • MagConnect Stand (iPad Pro Only)
    • Mounting system for wheelchair or desktop
  • Kubi with iPad Pro - a remote controlled desktop stand for your tablet that adds hands-free convenience and a dynamic social element to video calls

iPod Accessories

  • Big Button iPod - switch accessibility for iPod
  • iPod stand with speakers
  • iPod Touch table top suction mount
  • Free hand desk clamp
  • Magnetic wipe-off board
  • PortaBook - portable lightweight bookstand, 5 different angles
  • Time Timers - visual timers
  • TI 15 Fraction and Decimal calculator
  • WatchMinder3 - customize time intervals to provide alerts and reminders
  • First Author - writing curriculum and software to support literacy and communication
  • Kurzweil 3000 - scanning/screen reading program
  • Read & Write Gold - scanning reading program, talking word processor, word prediction
  • C-Pen Reader Scanner - handheld reading support tool that speaks words when highlighted
  • Aukey Ultra Portable Video Magnifier
  • BIG Bluetooth Keyboard (RJ Cooper)
  • Boost Personal Video Magnifier
  • BrailleNote Apex BT32 Notetaker
  • BraileNote Touch 32 Plus - Refresher braille notetaker and tablet
  • Braille 'n Speak 2000 - Braille-input note taking device
  • DaVinci - high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD, text-to-speech (OCR), and a 3-in-1 camera for near, intermediate, and distance viewing
  • E-Bot Pro - electronic reading magnifyer
  • Jaws for Windows 9.0 - screen reader
  • MATT Connect - high quality, full-color reading device for magnification, distance viewing, and mirror
  • Optelec Clear Reader/Scanner with camera
  • Optelec Compact+ - ultra-slim pocket magnifier
  • Optelec Compact 7 HD - portable 7-inch widescreen electronic video magnifier
  • Prodigi Connect 12 Digital Magnifier with Distance Camera Kit
  • Ruby 7 HD Handheld Video Magnifier
  • Victor Reader Stream - for listening to audiobooks in mp3, wav, etc. format
  • Video Mag HD - handheld high definition video magnifier
  • XL Print Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - keyguard also available
  • Zoom Text Xtra - screen enlargement/screen reading
  • 4 Compartment Scanning Communicator with icon holders
  • All-Turn-It - spinner that is switch accessible, supports participation in the classroom
  • iTools
    • Big Button iPod - switch accessibility for iPod
    • iPad Cordless Switch Interface
    • iPod Stand with speakers
  • Non-Adjustable Proximity Sensor Kit
  • Powerlink 4 - switch access for appliances and other electricity operated devices
  • Sland boards
  • Switches
    • Adjustable finger tip pressure switch
    • Big Macs
    • Blue2 Bluetooth Switch
    • Candy Corn
    • Fabulous Five switch
    • Finger tip switch
    • Hook + Switch Interface - works only with Apple devices, allows user to connect external switches
    • JellyBeans
    • Jumbo switch with Latch timer
    • Micro Light switch
    • Mini vibrating switch
    • Pal Pad (mini & small) - ultra thin switches
    • Pancake switch
    • Pinch switch
    • Poppin' Hopping switches
    • Rocking Plate switches
    • Twitch switch
    • Vibrating Lollipop
    • Vibrating plate switch
    • Wireless Switches for iPad - signle hit option (red) or two switch hit option (yellow/red)
    • Wobble Switch on base
  • Slim Armstrong Switch mount

Toys and Devices that are Switch Accessible

  • Adapted Birthday Cake
  • Adaptive Color Spinout
  • Adaptive Toy Kit
  • Bongo Drums
  • Elmo-Bird is the Word
  • Go Go School Bus
  • Hi Ho Cherry game
  • Hungry Hungry Hippo game
  • Magical Light Show
  • Matching Picture Lotto/Bingo game
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • Music Box
  • Musical Swirl Art
  • Music & Light Caterpillar
  • Sing Along CD player
  • Thomas the Tank Engine