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DCIU announces a professional development experience on AI

AI Conference 2024

DCIU is excited to announce a professional development experience on AI. 

Strategically Leveraging AI in Education Conference 

August 6, 2024 from 8:30-12:30 

 Unlock the future of education at our virtual AI conference, where top experts will dive into cutting-edge topics. Join us to explore how AI is reshaping education, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape. 











Register for Act 45 or Act 48 Credit 
Register Without Earning Credit 

Save on Registration! 
Group Rate 

Save by registering a team of 5 from the same organization for just $249. 

Individual Registration 

$65 per person for Delaware County participants and $90 per person for out-of-county participants. 

Learn from experts in artificial intelligence models and platforms and discover the most effective ways you can leverage AI in your organization:


Keynote Sessions 

The Future of AI in Education: Promises and Pitfalls 

Kristen DiCerbo, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer 

Khan Academy 



Learn, Experiment, Innovate: The Opportunity for Education in an AI World  

Amanda Bickerstaff, Co-Founder and CEO 

AI for Education 



  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia & Drexel University: The role of AI in client data and service delivery 

  • Skills21 & AI Strategy at EdAdvance: Planning for Change - Adaptive Leadership in the AI Era 

  • Sweet, Stevens, Katz, & Williams, LLP: Two sessions (1) Use of AI to Generate Special Education Documents; (2) Navigating Legal Challenges of AI in Schools 

  • PSBA: Policy recommendations 

  • Checkpoint: Cybersecurity strategies and AI 

  • AI4ExceptionalEd, University of Buffalo: AI in special education and speech language pathology 

  • UC Santa Barbara AI Institute for Cyber Threat Intelligence: AI and cybersecurity 

  • Edthena: How to use AI to power professional development  

  • University of Illinois & INVITE (INclusiVe Intelligent Technologies for Education): AI tools for teachers and students 

  • Delaware County Intermediate Unit: Prompt engineering with ChatGPT 


Conference Sessions 

Impacts of AI in Education

State of the Art in AI Language Modeling/Generative AI

Presented by Scott Haag, Ph.D.

Supervisor of Arcus Data Science, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Assistant Research Professor, Drexel University


Research on AI in Education: Emerging Tools and Technologies for the Classroom

Presented by H. Chad Lane, Ph.D.

Director, INVITE AI Institute

Associate Professor, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign


AI Applications for Leaders

Planning for Change – Adaptive Leadership in the AI Era

Presented by Matt Mervis

Director, Skills21 & AI Strategy at EdAdvance


How to Use AI to Power Professional Development

Presented by Adam Geller

CEO, Edthena


AI in Special Education

Use of AI to Generate Special Education Documents

Presented by Andy Faust, Esq.

Special Counsel, Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP


Developing AI Solutions to Address Learning Challenges Among Children with Disabilities

Presented by Venugopal Govindaraju, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research & Economic Development, SUNY

Distinguished Professor, University at Buffalo


AI Policy Considerations

Crafting Effective AI Policy for Educational Organizations

Presented by Davelyn Smeltzer

Senior Director of Policy Services, Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA)


Navigating Legal Challenges of AI in Schools

Presented by Mark Walz, Esq.

Partner, Sweet, Stevens, Katz & Williams LLP



Securing Networks and Applications

Presented by Mike Lopez

Security Architect, Check Point


AI-Driven Cybersecurity: Advancing Threat Intelligence and Defense Mechanisms

Presented by Giovanni Vigna, Ph.D.

Director, NSF AI Institute for Agent-based Cyber Threat Intelligence & Operation

Professor, University of California Santa Barbara