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Job Alike Advisory Councils

DCIU hosts a wide variety of advisory councils made up of representatives from IU leadership, partner school districts in Delaware County, businesses and community organizations.

The goal of these councils is to share current information and best practices, resources, experiences, and knowledge in support of advancing the educational opportunities provided to the students of Delaware County. The meetings allow for open discussions and cultivate collaboration for the efficiency of operations and ongoing development of programs and services that benefit schools, administrators, and students across the county.

The advisory council members, who may be administrators, teachers, counselors, or other personnel, are assigned from their district to the group most closely aligned with their job responsibility and or area of interest or expertise. These councils are a service to Delaware County schools, designed to facilitate networking and collaboration among talented teams of professionals. The Advisory Councils are part of DCIU’s core services at no charge.

The current advisory councils include the following areas of interest: Academics, Administrative and Business Management, and Specialty Areas.


Curriculum Directors 
Sara Christianson, Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning

Federal Programs 
Jill Vizza, Supervisor of Act 89 & Government Programs  

Principals/Assistant Principals
Sara Christianson, Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning

Special Education and Pupil Services 
John Reid, Assistant to the Executive Director for Student Services  

Special Education Teacher Professional Learners Network 
Nikki Borradaile, Supervisor of Teaching & Learning

Speech-Language Pathologists Networking 
Jill Gorsuch, Supervisor of Speech & Language 

Administrative & Business Management

Assistant Business Managers/Business Office Support Staff Meetings 
Brian Keiser, Assistant Chief Financial and Operations Officer 

Business Managers Meetings 
Edward Norris, Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Chief School Administrators 
Maria Edelberg, Ed.D., Executive Director

Communications Professionals 
Adriene Irving, Director, Legislative & Community Services

Facilities/Operations Directors 
Jason Glass, Director of Facilities 

Edward Norris, Chief Financial & Operations Officer  

Human Resources Directors 
Frank Salerno, Director HR

Joint Purchasing 
Edward Norris, Chief Financial & Operations Officer  
Jason Glass, Director of Facilities   
Carol Grzybacz, Joint Purchasing Specialist

Technology Coordinators 
Khalid Ayyubov, Chief Information & Technology Officer 

Transportation Directors
Jason Glass, Director of Facilities  

Specialty Areas

Legislative Council
Adriene Irving, Director of Legislative & Community Services

Local Interagency Coordinating Council (LICC)
Natalie Hess, Assistant Director of Student Services

School Safety and Security
Matthew Roberto