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  • Your order can be placed directly from this screen

    1. Click on your science unit below
    2. Fill in the requested information at the top of the form (use the TAB key to move from space to space)
    3. Order the individual parts:
      The numbers on the left of the list reflect the quantity of each item in a new kit designed for 30 students 
      Order only the quantity of each replacement part you need for your class

    When your order is completed send by email ONLY.

    Save the completed order form on your computer. Attach the saved order form to an email and address to

    • Do not save the original form for future use. Use a fresh download from the website each time you submit a new order
    • Mark the location of our website in your computer "Favorites" for future use
    Please order well in advance! We need 2 months or 60 school days (the Technical High School is closed during the summer) to process, order, obtain and ship your order. 
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

    Material Safety Data Sheets are available for chemicals found in science kits. These Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded by visiting the individual kit web sites. See your teacher’s manual for manufacturer’s name and address.

    Materials should only be used and handled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. DCIU/DCTS are not manufacturers of the materials and are not responsible for any defects, mislabeling, mishandling or misuse of the materials.

    Small parts are a choking hazard.

    Adult supervision is required.