• DCRC Officers


    DCRC Officers

    Co-Presidents:  Denise King (Marple Newtown S.D.)   Sue Kulp (Ridley S.D.)
    Vice President: Sheila Bell (Upper Darby S. D. - Retired)
    Treasurer:  Dr. Nicholas A. Spennato (DCIU #25- Retired)
    Recording Secretary:  Denise King
    Membership Co-Chairs:  Danielle Murray (Penn Delco S.D.)   Annemarie Jay, Ph D. (Widener U. Retired)
    Literacy Advocacy:  Dr. Toni Himes (Marple Newtown S.D.) 



    Past Presidents

    1998-2003         Mrs. Rose Conley
    1964-1998         Dr. Nicholas A. Spennato


    Committees carry out charges related to the council's goals and objectives.
    Archives Committee
    Keeps historical records of council activities with sample programs and photographs and will prepare and display a council exhibit at selected council meetings.
    Events Committee
    This committee plans and organizes the major events sponsored by DCRC each year:  Spring Dinner Meeting, Young Authors' Conference and Fall Workshops for teachers and administrators.
    Community Literacy Involvement Committee
    Plans programs and projects that promote literacy within the community, offers appropriate activities for children, and offers parents and teachers ways to help children be more effective readers.
    Honor Council Committee
    Ensures that all aspects of the International Reading Association Honor Council program are completed by the established timelines.
    International Literacy Committee
    This committee takes on a literacy project for three consecutive years to promote children's learning.  A county/region is chosen and books, writing materials, and other classroom aides are sent to that country.
    Membership Committee
    Plans comprehensive membership campaigns that encompass the local, state/provincial, and international levels.