Teacher Resource Center

  • teacher resource center with OPTIONS students

    All Delaware County teachers are invited to use the Center’s resources to create materials for their classes.

    • Develop exciting classroom activities using curriculum-related software, the Internet and other resources.
    • Discover the available Digital Media Library and how you can use these materials to enhance learning.
    • Gain hands-on experience on using the latest technologies. 
    • Produce tests, worksheets, posters, multimedia presentations, buttons and other materials to capture student interest in learning.


    • Book Binding Machine
    • Button Maker – create colorful 3-inch buttons
    • Ellison Machines and DIe – stop by the TRC to see our wide selection
    • Laminators
    • Poster Printers

    Features of the Teacher Resource Center include

Easy creation of color posters for classrooms
    • Very inexpensive – approximately $2.00 a foot
    • You can email your materials and pick them up at your convenience

    Teacher Resource Center Hours

    Hours:  Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the DCIU Health and Safety Plan, visitors to the TRC will be prohibited until further notice. Should you need a TRC job to be done, please contact Susan Haagen at the number and/or email below.


    Susan Haagen at 610-938-9000 ext. 2090 | shaagen@dciu.org