• Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Literacy Camp Programs/Practices/Strategies.

    : Why is it important for my child to read a selection from their Read Naturally book three times for homework?

    Answer – Read Naturally is a research-based program designed to facilitate development of your child’s reading fluency.  A fluent reader reads accurately, with good expression and at a good rate of speed. Fluency is an important factor to become a better reader, demonstrating ease of reading and a comfort level with text.  Improved fluency also contributes to improved comprehension, allowing the reader to concentrate on the meaning of the selection, rather than trying to sound good or to spend time trying to decode the words. 

    The repeated reading strategy allows students to feel at ease with the selection, work through the rough spots or difficult vocabulary, improve speed of reading and gain further experience with sight words or commonly used words at the student’s reading level. Research has shown that the repeated reading strategy is a sound way to improve accuracy and reading speed. Of course, reading more than three times per night would be beneficial.  But, it is necessary to read at least three times to benefit from the repeated reading strategy.   

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