• Literacy Camp  

    Welcome to the DCIU Literacy Camp!  We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this summer as we set out to sharpen reading and writing skills while we renew our students’ appreciation of reading. The materials and focus each week of camp will revolve around a theme for Literacy Camp. By engaging students through the theme, we will entice them to plunge into reading, research and writing to improve literacy skills. Our theme for this year is exploring the Arctic. 

    The following is a bit of background information about our current teaching staff. More information will be provided as additional staff are hired.

    Nina Krautzel – I have taught in several different programs for the DCIU for 30 years. This will be my tenth year teaching the DCIU Literacy Camp.  Although I enjoy all aspects of teaching, teaching reading is the favorite facet of my work. I like to think that my enthusiasm for reading and teaching is contagious when I work with children. 

    Before we get started, we need your help to take care of a couple of items. 
    • We will have a snack every day of camp around mid-morning to keep our engines fueled. We will have pretzels, juice, etc. available. If your child has a favorite snack, e.g. a banana, apple, granola, etc, please feel free to send it in with your child.
    • Please return the emergency card that is enclosed in the parent packet you will receive after your child is enrolled. Please have it completed and returned as soon as possible (no later than June 10, please). To return the card, a self-addressed envelope was sent to you for your convenience.   Please let us know if your child has any allergies (food, insect bites, peanuts, latex, etc.) It is also very important that we have emergency phone numbers- just in case we need that information.
    • Please consider signing the photo release for your child. We enjoy making films and taking pictures during camp, usually shared during our camp finale.  Often times we are asked to share the pictures with our IU staff to demonstrate student learning and best practices in literacy. 
    • Please use the name tag for your child from the packet that was mailed home. Be sure your child wears it on the first day of camp to help the bus driver confirm your child’s destination. 
    • We will have a get-together on the last day of camp to give you the opportunity to see some of the work done in class and to enjoy snacks prepared by the children. Our last day will be Aug. 11- so save the date! More details will follow as we get closer to the time.
    • We look forward to working with your child.