Mission Statement

  • The Delaware County Family Center is a resource that families and communities can use. 
    We recognize the strengths of families and offer caring and respectful education, information, training, and support services to increase the families ability to care for themselves. 
    The Family Center encourages all parts of the community to join in strengthening families and communities.


    The mission of the Delaware County Family Center (Delco Family Center) is to help families become strong, self-sufficient members of the community. Since 1994, the Delco Family Center has become the heart of a neighborhood-centered strategy to provide comprehensive, prevention-focused services for at-risk families based on known risk factors in Delaware County.

    The Family Center Initiative is based on the philosophy that the most effective way to ensure the healthy growth and development of children is to support their families and the communities in which they live. Family Centers across the state have been agents for community planning and service delivery according to the interests, needs and priorities within the communities they serve. The Delco Family Center is a safe, warm and respectful environment, where the strengths of individuals and families are recognized and built upon in the delivery of services.