Mobile Support Team

  • The Mobile Support Team seeks to help local school districts develop the skills and resources to serve students in the least restrictive environment. This multidisciplinary team addresses district requests through an innovative model of sending trained professionals on-site to assist staff with individual and classroom needs. Mobile Support Team members collaborate with school teams on a one time or ongoing basis. They provide follow along services for students who are transitioning back to the districts from more restrictive programs and can guide the development of new programs.

    The Program Development Team offers an array of services and support to school districts who are interested in developing, expanding or modifying current special education programs within the district. DCIU will customize program planning and design elements to best meet local school district needs. The team can assist districts with the following:

    • Research/Design: Identification of Student Profiles, Strengths and Educational Needs
    • Develop Program Design
    • Planning & Identification of Planning Team
    • Identification and Description of Building and Classroom Space
    • Identification of Instructional and Therapeutic Program Components
    • Implementation Support