Mobile Support Team

  • Mobile Support Team: This multidisciplinary team addresses district requests through a creative and innovative model of sending trained professionals on site to assist staff with individual, classroom or school-based needs. MST members collaborate with educational teams on a one-time or ongoing basis. MST can support a student who is transitioning back to his/her district from a more restrictive setting by providing specialized, student specific, training to members of the student’s educational team.

    Program Development Team: A multidisciplinary team providing services and support to school districts interested in developing, expanding, or modifying special-education programs in the district. The DCIU supports the district through program design to implementation and assessment. The team can assist districts with the following:

    • Developing program design
    • Identifying and organizing planning team
    • Identifying and describing building and classroom space
    • Identifying instructional and therapeutic program components
    • Implementing supports
    • Conducting specialized evaluations
    • Providing behavioral support
    • Conducting truancy intervention