Support Services


    Administers collection of Medicaid reimbursement for health related services provided to school age and Early Intervention students that are required as part of the Individual Education Plan (IEP). DCIU offers inservice training for staff on the required forms and process. Additionally, DCIU can process and oversee the reimbursement for the district.


    Extended School Year (ESY)

    Provides educational services outside a standard schedule of school days as part of a student’s IEP. Summer sessions are offered for students who are referred by their school districts. The goal is for the student to attain and maintain educational progress. Certified staff provides instruction, information, and technical assistance.


    ESY Services: Literacy Camp

    Provides intensive instruction in reading, spelling and writing, using research-based approaches, for students entering grades three through seven. The target population is students with severe reading problems who are of average cognitive potention and who exhibit appropriate behaviors.

    Contact: Joe Flynn, Supervisor


    ESY Services: Meaningful Day Community Living and Learning Program

    Provides opportunities for students who require support in developing daily living skills and accessing community-based activities. The program is located in an apartment in one of the local communities in the county.


    Instruction in the Home

    Provides homebound students with an IEP (individualized special education program) at the request of a district. Special education students under a physician’s care who unable to attend a school program on a long-term basis are eligible for this service.


    Mobile Support Team

    Provides highly-qualified professionals on-site to assist district staff with individual and classroom needs. Support is provided for student centered services such as case coordination, classroom issues, transition between programs, including follow-along, new program development, specialized evaluations and behavior/social skills.

    Nursing Services

    Provides nursing services to DCIU students at each center program. Nurses monitor each student’s health record to confirm their adherence to policies set by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.




    Occupational Therapy

    Provides occupational therapy to improve quality of movement and posture, fine motor functioning, visual motion functioning and independence in activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists recommend, construct and teach students and their teachers to use and maintain adaptive equipment. The goal is to make therapy more meaningful by assisting students to apply skills in their daily living situations. Therapists meet with family members to discuss issues and develop at home programs.
    Contact: Jean McNealis, Coordinator – 610-938-2800 ext. 6200


    Physical Therapy

    Focuses on improving the quality of movement and posture, gross motor functioning, balance, strength, coordination, functional posture, appropriate positioning and mobility. Physical therapists recommend, construct and teach students and staff how to use and maintain adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, prone boards, and other devices used for positioning and mobility. Therapy becomes more functional when a student is able to generalize new skills and apply them in a variety of everyday settings. Family is encouraged to meet with therapists.
    Contact: Jean McNealis, Coordinator – 610-938-2800 ext. 6200


    Professional Development

    Provides training opportunities in Inclusive Practices, Least Restrictive Environment, Response to Intervention (RTI) and Differentiated Instruction.
    Contact: Nikki Borradaile, Supervisor


    Psychological Services

    Provides mandated psychological services to students in IU, district and nonpublic schools. DCIU school psychologists perform a wide variety of functions, geared toward assessing students’ needs and consulting with parents, teachers, school districts, nonpublic schools and various agencies in helping children succeed in school. Psychologists also provide counseling and support to students, faculties and families in crisis situations.
    Contact: Tracey Wise,  Supervisor


    Social Work

    Provides services to students, their families, teachers, and other team members to enhance the student’s ability to benefit from their educational program. Duties and responsibilities of the social workers vary, depending on the needs of the students in a specific program.