Nonpublic Schools

  • Pennsylvania Act 89 provides Intermediate Units with funds to provide auxiliary services to students who are parentally enrolled in nonpublic schools. Students enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 and who are Pennsylvania residents may be eligible to receive services. These services may include remedial reading and math, speech and language therapy, counseling, and psycho-educational testing. Types of services provided in the nonpublic schools are based on student enrollments and consultation between DCIU and nonpublic school administrators. These are not services that would carry an individualized entitlement for students but, rather, are provided subject to limitations of funding appropriated annually in the state budge. 

    DCIU Mental Health Services


  • Act 89/Title I Remedial Reading & Math Services

    Remedial services may be provided at both the elementary and secondary level through Act 89 and Title I. Educationally needy students are identified through consultation with nonpublic principals and teachers and standardized assessment measures. Title I students in nonpublic schools are served through funds provided by local public school districts.

    Contact: Joseph Flynn, Supervisor Act 89 & Government Programs
    610-938-9000 x6601 | 

    Guidance & Counseling

    Students in nonpublic schools may receive both individual and group counseling services on-site. Act 89 elementary and secondary counselors may provide personal, academic/career, and developmental counseling. Crisis intervention services are also provided to the nonpublic school on an as-needed basis.
    Contact: Kim Mecca, Assistant Director, Student Services
    610-938-9000 x2193 | kmecca@dciu.or

    Equitable Participation

    Educational Evaluations – Students may be referred for psycho-educational testing if they are thought to have a disability and to be in need of specially designed instruction. An evaluation is available through either the student’s school district of residence or the DCIU. Evaluations are completed by a certified school psychologist.
    Equitable Participation Consultation – Children who are identified as having a disability and in need of specially designed instruction may be referred for an EP consultation. At that time, a highly qualified teacher may observe the student and collaborate with the parent, classroom teacher, and school administrator to provide strategies and/or materials which will enable the student to access the curriculum.
    Contact: Kim Mecca, Assistant Director, Student Services
  • Speech & Language

    DCIU’s Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech and language services for students in Delaware County’s nonpublic Schools. Services consist of screenings, evaluations, and therapeutic interventions for students with communication disorders including language, articulation, phonology, fluency, and voice. Students are referred by parents, teachers, or principals. All DCIU Speech-Language Pathologists have Pennsylvania Department of Education certification. Additional certifications include Pennsylvania Professional License and ASHA’s Certificate of Clinical Competency.
    Contact: Kimberly Cott, Supervisor, Speech & Language Services
    610-938-9000 x6635 |
    Kelly Lytle, Assistant Supervisor, Speech & Languages Services
    610-938-9000 x6602 | 

    Title II Professional Development

    DCIU receives Federal Title II funds to provide workshops and trainings for nonpublic school principals and teachers. Professional development activities for nonpublic schools are based on an annual needs assessment as well as ongoing consultation with principals. 
    Contact: Nikki Borradaile, Supervisor of Professional Learning
    610-938-9000 x2034

    Title III English Language Learners

    Title III funding provides supplemental support for English Language Learners. Nonpublic schools located in districts which are part of the DCIU English Language Learner Consortium (Chichester, Garnet Valley, Haverford, Interboro, Penn Delco, Ridley, Rose Tree Media, Southeast Delco and Wallingford Swarthmore) are eligible to receive assessment, consultation, and professional development services from DCIU ELL staff.
    Nonpublic schools located in districts which are not part of the DCIU consortium (Chester Upland, Marple Newtown, Radnor, Springfield, Upper Darby, William Penn) may access Title III supports through the public school district. Summer school programs are available to identified nonpublic ELL students through either DCIU (consortium district members) or the public school district (non-consortium district members).
    Contact: Linda Long, Supervisor, English Language Learners
    610-938-9000 x2273 |