OPTIONS Programs & Services

  • OPTIONS Program Descriptions

    Community Living and Learning

    This program is based in apartments where students receive hands-on, real-life experience training in the community. Participants develop independent living skills by improving their social skills, problem solving and decision making techniques, and by learning to make use of available community resources. Classroom apartments are located in Media and Newtown Square.

    Vocational and Situational Assessment

    Students ages 15 years of age and older are provided with a vocational assessment program to develop an individual transition plan that merges a student’s interests and abilities. The assessment is used when determining a student’s participation in the Community Based Vocational Training and Employment where students receive a continuum of services geared at promoting the development of their marketable work skills.

    Community Based Vocational Training/Employment

    Students ages 16 years of age and older are provided a continuum of services to promote the development of marketable work skills. The Employability Skills Training Program provides non-paid training opportunities for students with disabilities. The Enhanced Employment Opportunities Program provides services and opportunities to assist students in preparation for long-term employment. The school IEP team, as part of the mandated Transitional Planning, determines the appropriateness of services.

    Travel Instruction

    Students 16 years of age and older with disabilities are provided the necessary skills to travel safely in their community using public transportation. Intensive, one-on-one instruction on how to travel safely and independently within the community, including the use of public transportation is provided. Travel Instruction is an important component of a student's transition to independence and employment.

    Students Acquiring Independent Living Skills (SAILS) is a new full time class located in a community setting. SAILS is designed to increase the independent living and social interactions of young adults with a suggested minimum age of 17 with a variety of disabilities, including autism, who upon graduation could be expected to live semi-independently and/or participate in supported employment. The emphasis of SAILS is on the acquisition and application of functional and age-appropriate skills in a naturalistic context. Students will receive intensive training in functional daily living skills and community access to develop and/or enhance their present skills. SAILS will provide a continuum of instruction through the four domains: Domestic, Vocational, Community and Recreation & Leisure. The use of time, handling money, hygiene and health are also areas that may be explored, based on student need.

    Adult Program

    The Adult Program provides assessment, job-development and coaching support for clients who are no longer covered under the umbrella of Special Education Services. The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) has contracted with DCIU to provide these services. Since 1995, DCIU has provided extended supported employment services to the Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities(OIDD) for eligible adults.

    Advanced College Transition Program

    The program is held on the Campuses of Villanova University and 
Delaware County Community College. This transition program on a college campus supports students who 
are academically prepared to seek a degree or certification from a 
post-secondary institution but may require support to handle the 
social and emotional demands of a college environment. The program provides support for students age 17 to 21 and offers services beyond 
the scope of typical student supports. The program offers:

    • Academic Coaching
    • Social Thinking and Interaction Enrichment
    • Self-Advocacy and Self-determination Coaching
    • Campus-Life Integration