• Evaluation

    As a result of developmental screening checklists, further evaluation of your child's skills may be recommended due to concerns in any of the five developmental domains.
    The scheduling secretary will call you for an appointment to arrange a formal evaluation of your child's skills. Once the evaluation is completed, you will receive a copy of the results of the evaluation, and if your child is eligible, a final appointment will be scheduled to develop an individualized education plan (IEP).

    The activities within the evaluation will be geared toward the areas of concern noted and typical development of children. Your child will be asked to complete a variety of activities such as looking at pictures in a book, drawing, puzzles, moving and jumping.
    Parents will be asked to give information concerning their child's strengths and needs through interviews and questionnaires.
    Prior to the evaluation, it will be determined which professionals will be conducting evaluations of your child's skills. Also determined at that time, is the style of the evaluation. A number of measures are used including: 
    • Play-based assessments which are informal in nature, where the child participates in play activities in each of the areas of development.
    • Standardized assessments which are more formal in nature. They require the completion of a number of specific tasks, using specific directions. In order to maintain its validity, standardized assessments cannot be modified for individual needs.