Autistic Support

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    The DCIU Autistic Support Program works with families and their home school districts to provide a program that best meets the student's individual needs while working toward placement in the least restrictive environment.

    The Program provides appropriate services defined in the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and serves students diagnosed on the autism spectrum ages 5 through 21. The program provides:
    • Educational Services
      • Literacy Instruction
        • UNIQUE Learning Systems is the primary reading program for students in the Autistic Support Center Based program at Marple Education Center. It is a standards-based set of interactive tools specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general curriculum. Unique Learning Systems provides preschool through transition students with rigorous, standards-based materials specifically designed to meet their instructional needs. Unique Learning System’s differentiated materials provide a means of access to standards-based instruction for students with complex needs. Given appropriate materials and adapted methods for instruction, all students participate in rigorous daily classroom instruction. Unique Learning Systems grade bands deliver age-respectful, engaging materials for all students. Each lesson plan includes Instructional Targets for each activity within the lesson, instructional routines, and academic vocabulary and is always theme-related. Unique Learning Systems uses Instructional Targets to link academic content standards to curriculum content for students with special needs. Instructional Targets are aligned to state educational and transition standards. Monthly lesson plans and materials address these critical skills in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies with embedded transitional outcomes. Unique Learning Systems includes all vital components of a reading program in each grade band from preschool through transition. Reading instruction, approaches and methods, as well as reading materials, are included in each of the six grade bands in Unique Learning Systems. We are using the Transition Band for our classroom.
        • In addition to Unique Learning Systems, instruction in the areas of Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, and Writing also occur. 
      • Math Instruction 
      • Science Instruction 
      • Social Studies Instruction  
      • All students receive art, music, and gym 2 times a week. 
    • Related services: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Vision Support, Hearing Support, as per the student's IEP  
    • Behavioral Support services 
    • Psychological 
    • Social Work services
    In addition, the program works closely with Delaware County school districts to transition students back to their home schools. Some may transition to a less restrictive class to meet their needs in a typi
    • Haverford High School in the DCIU Life Skills Support Classroom 
    • Penncrest High School in the DCIU Intensive Learning Support Classroom
    Students fourteen years of age and older receive transition services according to their IEP. The Autistic Support program, in collaboration with the OPTIONS program, provides prevocational training, supported and paid employment opportunities.



    Tracey Wise, M.Ed, Supervisor | 484-423-7000 ext 6704 or