early childhood title
  • The Teacher Preparation Academy prepares students for careers in teaching. Students learn the physical, intellectual, social and emotional characteristics of children and teenagers, including knowledge and skills to guide learning and create a safe, healthy learning environment. The program prepares individuals to successfully enter a teacher preparation program at a college or university. It includes instruction in child/adolescent growth and development, activity/lesson planning, and opportunities for observation/field experience in a school setting. Students enrolled this course will be taught how to prepare for a career in teaching and for advancement to higher education.

    Students develop and prepare classroom lesson plans and learning experiences while working in elementary, middle, and high school settings in Delaware County.

    Students participate in job shadowing at area schools and seniors may be eligible for paid work experience through the Cooperative Education program. The program is aligned with a number of college programs through articulation agreements and dual enrollment agreements.


    Industry Certifications a Student May Earn

    • OSHA-10
    • Employability: Interviewing Skills
    • First Aid/CPR
    • School Safety/Mandated Reporter Training


    Median Wage for Related Occupations

    • Elementary School Teacher             $63,900
    • Middle School Teacher                     $63,900
    • High School Teacher                         $63,900
    • Educational Specialist                      $70,000