Information Technology and Systems


    The Intermediate Unit is responsible for developing and directing Information Technology and Systems county wide to public and nonpublic schools to increase efficiency and reduce costs for the ultimate benefit of all educational programs.


    External Technical Services

    • Internet Service Provider
    • Fiber optic installation and certification 
    • Cable installation and certification
    • Network design
    • Network and technical assistance
    • Equipment repair for computers and office/classroom equipment, as well as audio visual equipment repair available on site.
    • Video services
    • Temporary staffing and assistance with hiring needs
    • Baseline network assessment and recommendations
    • Training


    Internal Technical Support 

    • Network management
    • Provision of Fiber network management services
    • Help desk support
    • Hardware maintenance and repair
    • Software support
    • Data collection and support
    • Technical assistance
    • Training 


    Child Accounting Services

    • Management of Student Service databases for multiple schools/departments
    • Development of Applications
    • Management of State reporting requirements for IU Special Programs students
    • Training


    Help Desk Support: 

    External phone number: 610-938-9393
    Internal extension: 3393
    To report a Fiber Network outage: 610-743-8303 

    David Tirado, Director, Information Technology, and Services

    Danielle Stanislawczyk, Coordinator of Business Applications