• Remedial services may be provided at both the elementary and secondary level depending upon school eligibility, student eligibility, and allocation and availability of services through state and federal funds. Educationally needy students are identified through consultation with nonpublic principals and teachers and standardized assessment measures. 
  • Benchmark assessments to ascertain student growth and progress are administered in fall, winter, and spring. Results are shared with parents, classroom teachers, and school administrators. At that time, the team determines decisions for program continuation or dismissal.

    Remedial support supplements the student’s regular program of instruction. Signed parental/guardian consent is required for student participation with the DCIU's remedial support teacher.

  • Contacts:

    Jill Vizza, Ed.D.
    610-938-9000 ext 6601

    Keisha Hicks
    Administrative Assistant
    610-938-9000 ext 6604