• We hope this message finds you well and you are enjoying the new school year. On behalf of the Marple Education Center, we are ecstatic for you and your child to become part of the MEC family. We look forward to starting the journey together this year. 

    The primary goal of any school is to help students grow academically. We certainly concentrate on this but also creative, social, emotional, and moral learning that everybody needs to succeed in today's society. These areas represent the bedrock of making each student as independent as possible prior to graduation. We have found that when we match students who have an interest and passion in one of our programs with caring, highly skilled, and knowledgeable staff - GREAT THINGS HAPPEN! We strive to help students find passion and joy in whatever they would like to pursue. We look forward to seeing all the students successful and independent at their level.

    We are always available to support you or answer your questions.

    Tracey and Laura