Occupational and Physical Therapy

      • How We Support

        • Consultation with team members
        • Direct service to the student in support of the classroom
        • Training for team members
        • Accommodations such as adapted equipment
        • Modifications to the classroom environment
        • Providing home and classroom activity suggestions

        DCIU encourages the use of best practices and evidence-based treatment with all students.

  • Kim Cott, M.Ed., Speech & Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Program Supervisor
    484-423-7000, ext. 6635 | kcott@dciu.org

    Bridget Glenn, OTR/L, Coordinator of Occupational & Physical Therapy
    610-459-3050, ext. 1106 | bglenn@dciu.org

    Cheryl Czajka, Administrative Assistant, OT & PT
    610-459-3050, ext. 1105| cczajka@dciu.org



  • Occupational Therapy

    • Occupational therapy is a related service recommended by an educational team to support students in reaching independence in the classroom and school setting.  Occupational therapy addresses the skills of the student and the educational team in the following areas:

      • Activities to support quality of movement and posture
      • Fine motor functioning
      • Visual motor functioning
      • Activities of daily living
      • Sensory processing
      • Classroom accommodations
      • Program modifications

      The related service of occupational therapy utilizes various modes of support to ensure the success of the student.


      Physical Therapy

      • Physical therapy is a related service recommended by an IEP team to support the student's access to and participation in his/her special education program. Physical therapy provides support in the following areas:  

        • Improvement in the quality of movement and posture
        • Gross motor development
        • Balance and coordination
        • Strength and stability
        • Functional posture
        • Training and instruction in adapted equipment for mobility and posture

        The related service of physical therapy utilizes various modes of support to ensure the success of the student.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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