Governor's STEM Competition

  • What is the Governor’s STEM Competition?

    This statewide competition is for 9th-12th grade students in teams of up to FIVE students. This year’s competition has a theme of “Innovating the Commonwealth through Collaboration and Computing.” This competition challenges student teams to research, design, and present a device or project that can make the quality of life better for Pennsylvania.

    Register for Governor's STEM Competition

    Important Dates

    • The registration for the Governor’s STEM Competition opened on September 6, 2022.
    • Registration CLOSES on November 6, 2022.
    • This hybrid competition will include virtual submissions in the first half of the competition, with finalists invited to the state competition on April 19, 2023. (There will not be a regional qualifying competition this school year. )


    The team of up to 5 students in grades 9-12 must attend a public, charter, private, or technical education center or be a homeschooled student in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  There are two divisions for the 2022-2023 state competition that will consist of:

    • Division 1: Those who competed in the STATE COMPETITION in the last 5 years
    • Division 2: Those who have not competed in the STATE COMPETITION in the last 5 years


    Each team must have one team advisor who acts as the coach and mentor for the team. These advisors supervise the work sessions, provide support, and facilitate positive collaboration.


    Registrants will receive a one-time $600 stipend to design and build their prototype or device. Stipends are distributed to schools pending commitment to participation in this competition. (Teams which withdraw can return stipends.)

    More Information

    The details regarding the divisions, timelines, judging rubric, and more can be found here on the PA Governor’s STEM Competition website.

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