Safety-Care™️ Training

  • Safety-Care™️ Initial Training

    Safety-Care™️ training is a recommended and well-received two-day course that provides a broad set of methods and techniques for reducing the likelihood of behavioral crisis and improving staff safety. Staff will learn, practice, and demonstrate competency in differential reinforcement and basic preventative safety. They will learn how to safely cope with serious behavioral incidents that include: basic physical skills, releases, leadership during behavioral crises, and procedures for safe holding. Trainees who successfully pass the course will receive a Safety-Care™️ training certificate. Recertification is required annually through a recertification course.


    Safety-Care™️ Re-Certification Training

    The Safety-Care™️ re-certification course is a one-day training that provides a complete overview of the initial Safety-Care™️ training curriculum. Participants must demonstrate competency in all areas of the Safety-Care™️ curriculum and will be tested for proficiency through the demonstrated competencies and a written test. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will maintain their certification for one full year. The one-day re-certification course is required annually.


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