Job-Alike Meetings and Professional Learning Communities

  • DCIU's job-alike meetings, professional learning communities, and curriculum councils provide a meaningful way for educators to network and receive information relevant to specialized content area and/or roles. Regular meetings for each group are held to share best practices, provide a support network for addressing issues, and serve as a communication conduit for state initiatives and information related to the content area.

Upcoming Network Meetings

Job-alike Meetings for Administrators

  • Job-alike meeting dates and times are sent directly to Delaware County school administrators.

    Curriculum Directors

    DCIU holds monthly meetings to facilitate dialogue among leaders across the county who are responsible for curriculum and instruction in their districts. 


    DCIU coordinates meetings with Elementary and Secondary Principals multiple times during the school year to discuss topics geared to the principals' interests or concerns.

    Title III Consortium Quarterly Meeting

    DCIU serves as the Title III Consortium Lead for schools that receive federal Title III funds. Quarterly meetings support collaboration and transparency. Participants will engage with member LEAs to determine Consortium activities and facilitate planning. They will also receive federal and state updates to support program oversight and compliance.

    LIEP Quarterly Meeting

    The DCIU English Language Development Program provides direct English language development instruction for students in Delaware County schools who are English learners (ELs). Quarterly meetings with district leadership support collaboration, coordination, and communication to ensure effective implementation of the language instruction educational program (LIEP).

    EL Coordinator/Administrator Network

    Quarterly meetings for EL Directors/Coordinators across the county provide an opportunity to engage in discussion, collaboration, and problem-solving around issues, initiatives, and trends affecting the education of English learners.

Professional Learning Communities for Educators

  • AAC Implementation PLC

    This series provides classroom teachers, SLPs, and paraprofessionals to learn and share tips and strategies for implementing AAC in the classroom setting. 

    AAC Implementation PLC Meeting Registration

    Administrators Unique Series

    This is a three-part series for administrators who oversee the implementation of Unique in low incidence classrooms. The series will provide an overview and support for start-of-year implementation.

    2021-22 meeting registration forthcoming.

    Civics Network

    Collaborate with fellow social studies educators to stay abreast of planning, educating, and assessing to cultivate citizenship in our students and fulfill requirements for Act 35. Participants will develop relevant practices for teaching civic knowledge, developing civics skills, and creating habits of civic actions in our future leaders.

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    DCIU Coaches-Mentor Collaborative

    The Coaches-Mentor Collaborative (formerly PIIC) is professional learning and networking for instructional coaches. 

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    Delco PBIS Administrators Network

    These sessions for administrators will allow those implementing PBIS around the county to network regarding best PBIS practices. Important information will be shared regarding the PA PBIS Network and the state behavior initiative.

    PBIS Administrators Network Registration

    Delco PBIS Coaches Network

    These sessions for PBIS Coaches will allow those implementing PBIS around the county to network regarding best PBIS practices. Participants will be able to ask questions and seek supports regarding PBIS. 

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    Gifted Network

    Connect to learn from peers, psychologists, PDE, and your county liaison regarding compliance and best practice in supporting gifted students throughout their education. Topics include equity in gifted identification and service; twice-exceptional (2e) students; social-emotional learning (SEL); serving gifted in the regular classroom; curriculum, competitions, and programming.

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    School Improvement Network

    This professional learning community fosters collaborative learning and problem-solving across LEAs with schools designated for A-TSI and TSI in Delaware County. Schools designated as A-TSI or TSI are supported to improve the achievement and/or growth of student groups. Periodic network groups enable schools to learn about a common topic and from one another.

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    School Improvement Office Hours

    DCIU provides schools with flexible office hours to address conditions, strategies, and investments to ensure equitable opportunities for all students while providing the necessary tools, resources, and support to increase student achievement. 

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    Science Council

    Science Council will engage county-wide stakeholders in opportunities to stay abreast with the present state of science. Council days will focus on various targeted topics, such as: new standards adoption, equity, assessment, and distance learning. 

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    Secondary Transition Coordinators

    Quarterly meetings to share local, regional, and state updates and provide professional development regarding secondary transition planning and coordination.

    Secondary Transition Cooridators Registration

    Secondary Transition Council

    Quarterly networking meetings to promote collaborative relationships between LEAs, transition coordinators, agencies that provide services for transitioning to adult life, and parents to facilitate secondary transition planning for students with disabilities.

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    SLP Network Meetings

    This series provides SLPs the opportunity to learn and practice strategies related to providing services in the school-based setting. Opportunities for large and small group discussion will be integrated into each session.

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    ULS Jumpstart Your Year

    This is a weekly jumpstart county-wide PLC opportunity for teachers implementing Unique Learning System (ULS) within their low incidence classrooms. Participants will be guided through the steps of start-up and implementation. 

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    Unique PLC for Teachers

    This county-wide PLC opportunity is perfect for teachers implementing Unique within their classrooms. Participants will collaborate with other Unique users, demonstrate how to use paraeducators with implementation of Unique, and incorporate the progress monitoring information into student report cards.

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