Order Your DCTS Uniform Today!

  • Information for the 2023-2024 School Year is below.

    How do I purchase uniforms?

    This school year, new students will be required to purchase uniforms directly through our uniform vendor.

    When and how do I purchase?

    Please click on the link below based on the location/campus of your program and follow the directions on the uniform page for your technical program.


    Online Uniform Store for DCTS - Folcroft


    Online Uniform Store for DCTS - Aston

    This website will provide you with the ability to purchase required uniform items although some items may need to be purchased separately. Other required items will be listed below within this letter.

    Required uniform items found on the uniform website must be ordered by August 1 to ensure they are delivered to your home or to the school prior to the start of the school year. Reminder- you must order by August 1 to ensure uniforms are received prior to start of school year.

     How do I pay for the uniform?

    The uniform vender website accepts debit and credit cards. If you are facing financial difficulties and unable to purchase the uniform, please contact your sending school principal and share the webpage from which your required uniform items are presented. DCTS and sending districts will work collaboratively to locate solutions for those unable to purchase due to financial hardship.